Flash Fiction 10 for 10 – day one

I’m currently participating in an event where a bunch of writers each do a piece of flash fiction every day for ten days. Here’s what I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

Mum Crina
The bones were all broken and the marrow boiled away for soup. They ringed the floor in stacks and small piles of splinters. Mum Crina hauled her cauldron off the cold hearth and kicked the built up ashes out over the floor, then thumped her broom in the chimney to clear the soot. She rolled the cauldron back in place and tied a stained apron over her charcoal dress. She was going to town.
Gunter could see the misshapen lump at the crossroads long before he reached the meeting of ways. At first he thought it was a bundle of rags that had dropped from someone’s wagon, but the slight quiver as he drew closer convinced him otherwise.
In a moment, he saw the arm poking out of the cloth, then recognized the curve of a crooked body. He brushed away a ragged cloak to reveal a wrinkled, blemished face.
The crone’s eyes fluttered open and she gave a light moan. Gunter lifted her hand, “are you alright, Mother?”
“No,” she said, there was a hint of humor in her raspy voice. “I was going to town to buy soup bones for my supper, but I cannot go any farther.”
” I can take you home,” Gunter offered. “And I have a little supper with me that I can leave with you.” he helped her to sit.
“That is very kind,” she said. “But, I have no teeth to eat your food. I must have soup.
“I have soft Bread,” he insisted.
“Very well,” she agreed, sounding relieved.
Gunter lifted her in his arms and was surprised by how heavy she was.

“Back along the road toward the forest,” Mum Crina instructed. The young man turned and took the first steps toward the forest. Mum Crina smiled, and her teeth were very white.


~ by lamichaud on July 15, 2012.

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  1. Great story! I love surprise endings!

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