Solitude (flash day 4)

This is darker than anything I usually write, but I guess it’s what was in me today. I apologize if the subject matter bothers anyone — I know it bothers me!

Liza went into the woods on her father’s land because no one else did. She wanted to get away from her mothers disappointed concern, her father’s disgusted refusal to acknowledge the situation, and her siblings’s tendency to treat her like she was an invalid even though they didn’t know what was going on.
It was just easier to stay away from them and so she’d worn a pretty distinct path to the little meadow she liked to visit in the two months since it had happened.
The sudden lurch and painful yank on her legs didn’t make her scream, just gasp in surprise. When her disorientation ended, she realized that she was hanging upside down from the kind of trap poachers used to catch deer so that no one would hear firearms in the wood and investigate.
“Some poor poacher this was. Couldn’t he tell the difference between a foot path and a deer trail?” Liza grouched as she tried to tuck her skirts up so they weren’t falling over her face. She managed to twist them up and pull them between her legs so that she had restored some of her dignity and could see what was going on around her. There was no sign of anyone in the woods with her.
Her family didn’t know where she was, and she didn’t want to call for help in case the poacher heard her as the man would be likely to kill her to cover up his crime since the deer were the king’s, even in her father’s woods, and poaching them brought a death sentence. Besides, she wasn’t much of a screamer, not like other girls. Her screams sounded ragged and awful, not like the clear, high shrieks of other women.
She tried to pull herself up so that she could get at the knots in the rope that hung her, but she didn’t have the strength.
The blood was pounding painfully in her head, and she couldn’t do anything with her arms that was comfortable. Beyond that, all her wriggling had started her swinging a bit and she was turning in a slow rotation that let her see different parts of the woods by turns.
That was how she came face to face with him quite suddenly. And when she recognized the slanted eyes of the miller’s son, she began to scream.


~ by lamichaud on July 18, 2012.

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