Black Mail

The job was supposed to be more complicated than this. The simplicity of it gave Deck the willies.
“This ain’t right,” Tasha said, making Deck feel better.
“I know, there just ‘happens’ to be a short in this motion detection system? It seems mighty convenient that this system, and the dogs we were told to expect, are out of commission.”
“No way their most complicated security bits are down and they didn’t notice.” Tasha spun around, looking the room over one more time. “Camera.” She pointed to a slim gray disc that almost blended into the ceiling. “Old timey, not broadcasting nothing, just local recording.” She pulled a decorative chair away from an antique table and used it to reach the camera. She switched it off and pulled the memory card out, glad her gloves were thin enough to let her.
“This is spooky enough without us staying here any longer,” Deck said, lifting the little cube of francium they’d been sent to get out of the case that they’d just jimmied. He tucked it into the little box they’d custom made for it. Deck was glad the cube was sealed; any exposure to water would cause a massive explosion.
“Be glad to see Shay and get clear of this,” Tasha said as they got back out of the house.
And Shay was glad to see them. Deck and Tasha would never know that they were only getting a tiny fraction of the worth of that cube, and Shay’s father would be more than happy with the insurance money, and the profit he’d get for selling the cube on the black market.
Little did Shay know, the disk in Tasha’s pocket was worth far more.


~ by lamichaud on July 21, 2012.

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