Fox (flash day 8)

When Jaimie told him that he’d been talking to the fox, Edward just thought his son was playing a game based on the kids books he’d been reading. When Edward saw the boy sitting in the backyard, staring straight into the eyes of the fox, who was only just out of arms reach, Edward took those books away.
Matilda thought he was being unreasonable, but she wasn’t home with the boy all day like he was since he worked from the house.
But the strangeness didn’t end.
Jaimie started talking to the birds.
“Dad, the robin told me that the fox isn’t just an animal like we think he is. He’s a king and it’s an honor that he comes to visit me.”
Edward put a trap out for the fox, but night after night, no matter what he used to bait it, it remained empty. Not even the neighbor’s cat got caught in it.
“I told the birds about it,” Jaimie explained. They probably told the fox.”
Edward put the trap away. Jaimie said it was too late. The fox king was already angry. That’s all the birds would talk about.
One day, Jaimie came inside and locked all the doors and barricaded himself into the office along with Edward.
“The birds say I’m not safe.” he explained. “Someone put out poison and the fox king thinks it was you. He’s very angry. Even more about this than the trap.”
Edward told Jaimie in no uncertain terms that the fox king didn’t exist and wouldn’t he please scram so Edward could get some work done?
Jaimie left, but he didn’t look happy.
When Edward looked for him an hour later so they could eat lunch, he couldnt find him anywhere. All the doors were locked and there was no sign that the boy had gone outside; his shoes were in the mud room.
Edward went outside and called his son, but got no answer.
A young sparrow lying on the ground under the big tree in the backyard, fluttered it’s wings once and died.


~ by lamichaud on July 22, 2012.

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