Unseen (flash day 9)

Maybe it was the artificial retina that the prison doctor had just placed behind the real one in her left eye, or maybe it was the drugs they’d given her to keep her unconscious during the surgery, but Jetty was sure that she was seeing someone standing half in, half out of the wall in her prison cell.
She didn’t want to look straight at the apparition in case it was really there, and the prison monitors could see it too through her new retinal implant. But she really couldn’t tell if anything was there. A solution occurred to her fuzzy mind and she covered her eye with her hand, and looked right at the wall. There was definitely something there distorting the painted concrete of the wall.
It beckoned to her.
Jetty shivered, but took a step forward. The shimmering figure reached out toward her.
“This is such a bad idea,” she thought, but she took its hand in hers. The contact was solid, and she gasped as the world became pearlescent, and slid against itself, like the colors in an oil slick. She dropped her hand from her eye, and was pulled through the wall into a place of devastating brightness.
“The prisoner in 242D has disappeared,” Henderson reported to his supervisor. “Just like the other cases, there’s no sign she was ever there, not even DNA.”
“Did we get anything from the retinal implant?”
“Not really. She covered her eye for no reason that we can see from the data it sent before it stopped transmitting.”
“Damn. Well, find another one nobody will miss, and let’s try it again.”
“Yes, sir,” Henderson said, and he opened the prisoner database and began to search it.


~ by lamichaud on July 23, 2012.

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