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Etymology Tuesday has been postponed due to a deadline, but I’ve got something else for today.

There’s nothing like sitting at the computer, typing up a story with a nice bowl of m’n’ms. This is especially true for late night writing sessions. Having something to snack on helps keep the sleepiness away. It can also help to keep the blood sugar levels up, which moderates that shaky feeling that comes with staying up way too late.
The drawback is a pretty obvious one, however. Lack of sleep alone is enough to cause weight gain, add in the m’n’ms and I’m done for. I’m still working off the weight I gained getting my BA in English Literature.
So now I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I work full time and I’m trying to function as part of my family, so most of my writing happens early in the morning (before breakfast) or late at night once everyone else has gone to bed. I’ve tried going snackless, but it’s no fun. I’ve tried sitting there with a bowl of cashews, but they get stuck in my teeth and don’t help with blood sugar levels very much. I’ve even tried popcorn, but the little, sharp membranes cut up my gums and I end up distracted by having to floss.
I looked into dried fruit. Its a bit expensive and it turns out that most companies add sugar or corn syrup to the fruit to make it sweeter as it dries. The brands that don’t are even more expensive (how does that make any sense?).
I’m opposed to exercising any more than I already do, but I don’t want to give up my late night writing snack. Thus I am a writer seeking writer-food.
Anybody have any ideas I could try?


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