Writer Food {reprise}

Left to right, top to bottom: dried apples, candy corn, goldfish crackers, cashews, m’n’m’s, kettle corn, GF pretzels.

I’ve written before about the difficulty of finding snacks to munch while sitting up late writing. It really is hard to balance the sugar/calorie content, cost, and my personal preference.

Fortunately, I finally found something that works really well for me. My writing snack of choice is: gluten-free pretzels. Though I  don’t suffer from a gluten allergy (or celiac disease), I find that there are some advantages to limiting wheat intake in my diet. For one thing, I understand that the substitutes (rice flour, corn starch, tapioca flour, etc.) don’t tend to mess with a person’s glycemic index as much as wheat flour does.

I also like the GF pretzels better than the regular kind. They have better flavor and texture (in my opinion). They’re salty, crunchy, and a fantastic stay-awake snack.

Time to finish my novel!


~ by lamichaud on September 23, 2012.

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  1. I use raw almonds. They’ve crunch, the tiniest taste of sweetness, and low carb/low calorie. ❤

    • Raw, eh? I’ll have to look into that. I’ve a friend who makes killer baked almonds, but I dunno if I’ve eaten them raw. I’ll definitely try them! Thanks. 🙂

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