On Blogging – An Interview of Some Wonderful Writers Who Blog {part three}

And last, an interview with Heather Sedlak from Dear Internet… I Have Things to Tell You

Your blog has a great name, how did you choose that?

It was actually a joke I had with fellow writer Mary DeSantis at the last SHU residency. I said that whenever something really cool happens in my life, I always want to go online and just say “Dear Internet, I have things to tell you.” When we were done giggling, the name of my blog was born.

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What events do you participate in with your blog, and how do you go about that?

I guess I’d have to say that I do “Fiction Friday” in which I have been sharing either a piece of my WIP or something that has affected my fiction. I also like to think that I coined “Time-Out Thursdays” which is where I tell everyone how the internet distracted me in the past week. If that’s not mine, then I’ll gladly give credit where it’s due.

Your blog posts used to be pretty regular, it must have taken a lot of your time to do those. How did you balance the novels you have in progress with your blogging schedule?

I… don’t balance things like this well. It’s been a struggle. I had to take a break the week before a school submission.

Your blog isn’t just about writing, but you are a writer. Does that influence the subject matter that you choose to write about?

I think as writers, we’re so influenced by everything around us. I know that I look at and hear things around me with stories in mind. So I believe that if a topic or a book or a movie or even a historical fact has touched me somehow, it’s worth writing about because it’s part of the process.

Do you ever share anything on your blog about the books that you’re currently writing?

That was one of my first posts. It was a “Lucky Seven” I was tagged in and I posted an excerpt from my thesis novel.  Other than that, I’ve been fairly quiet on my WIP. I get a little shy.

What do you do to make your blog unique?

I usually emphasize that I’m a pretty silly person and don’t take myself too seriously. I think the range of topics I speak on really show that, while I write fiction, I’m a real person who likes to be entertained. Mostly by the internet.

Your blog is lighthearted and fun. How do you manage to convey such whimsicality through your posts?

I usually just write whatever comes to mind. If my blog is a way for people to get to know me, I think that I should just be open an honest with the audience.

You used to work on building websites for companies and individuals (when you weren’t writing). Does this help with your own blogging, or does it make the blogging feel like work?

Actually, I always believe that my work helps. When I’m writing websites, I often don’t know much about the company or the area or (sometimes) what the company does. Since the website still has to get written, it opens up a lot of creativity and drive to create something from nothing so it helps a lot with both fiction writing and all other types of writing. So, I think it helps make blogging a release because I get to write about what I want to write about.

Any advice for writers who are just starting their own blogs?

Don’t worry about a topic. Just get writing. And just be honest.


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