A Joke for You

In defiance of the often gloomy and inconvenient transition into the workweek, here’s a joke to lighten your spirits.


Back in the 1880’s, there was a writer on safari in Africa, looking for something to inspire his next novel. He hired a guide to take him to meet some of the local tribes so that he could observe their customs, and learn their stories. They rode for a whole day, and that night when they’d made camp and were turning in for some sleep, the writer heard a deep, distant throbbing in the earth.

“What is that?” he asked.

“Drums,” the guide answered.

“Will I get to see them?”

“Yes. Drums must never stop.” And the guide turned over and went to sleep.

The next night, after another long day of riding, the writer could just catch the sound of the drums on the air, and could hear them much better through the ground.

“Are these the same drums I’m hearing?” he asked.


“Is it some kind of festival?” He pursued.

“Drums must never stop,” the guide answered, then pulled his blanket over his head, and went to sleep.

All the next day, the writer could hear the drums growing louder and louder. But that night, when he asked about them again, the guide just replied, “drums must never stop.”

In the morning, he asked the guide when they would see the drums.

“Very soon,” the guide assured him. Not long after, they came to a village surrounded by a mud wall, and all the houses made of mud and thatched with grass. The guide led him in, and in the center of the village, they found a ring of drummers, pounding feverishly at their drums, sweat pouring down there faces. There was no semblance of rhythm or¬†synchronization, only the frenetic pounding.

“This is amazing,” the writer said. “Have they been drumming all this time?”

“Yes,” said the guide. “Drums must never stop.” He introduced the writer to the chief of the village.

“Thank you for having me,” the writer said to the chief. “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a lot of questions.” The chief said he didn’t mind, so the writer continued. “What are they doing?” He pointed to the drummers.

“Drumming. Drums must never stop.”

That wasn’t at all what the writer had wanted to hear, so, feeling annoyed, he said, “Yes, I know that. Everyone keeps telling me that. But why must the drums never stop?”

“Because,” the chief began. “When drums stop, saxophone solo begin.”


~ by lamichaud on October 15, 2012.

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  1. Hahaha! I appreciate that. Happy Monday!

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