O, Christmas Tree

I got a picture on Facebook from a dear cousin of mine a couple weeks ago. It showed a stack of textbooks arranged like a tree with a strand of lights wound around it. I had to wonder if it was something I could do. I set myself the challenge of making the book tree with only books that didn’t fit in my bookshelf.

This is what I got:

Image by lamichaud

Image by lamichaud

It definitely isn’t as good as the picture that I saw before I made it. My book tree somehow ended up more squat than the other one. I still like it.

The fact that I could put it together with unshelved books is a testament to my bibliophilia. Life is good when it’s full of books. 🙂

My brother gave me a set of shelves after I made my book tree. I barely have room in here for it, but I am extremely glad to have it. I hated having to pile books in my closet and my carry-on in order to have floor space. I don’t know if all those books will fit on my new shelves, but it’s a good start!


~ by lamichaud on December 21, 2012.

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  1. I wish I had that many books!

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