You Know You’re a Writer When…

… You’re pulling off a sweater, and a button gets caught in your hair, and you think, “I am SO doing this to one of my characters.

… Your brother tells you he hurt himself and has a dislocated rib, and you interview him to make sure you got the description right when you injured a character that way six chapters ago, before it occurs to you that your brother might like some ice and ibuprofen.

… You ask your brother what he’s doing, and he gives you a five minute outline of his plans for the afternoon, and you tell him you wanted a synopsis, not a summary, and that the question you asked implied a, “right now,” as in “why are you refusing to come help me make dinner?”

… The creepy Santa Clause at the mall hits on you, and in a flash, the whole plot for a horror novel unfolds in your head.

… Your sister slices her hand open on the zipper of her backpack, and you wonder if readers would believe that was possible.

… Your brother comes out of his room from a cleaning spree carrying a dull knife, a bag of charcoal, and a spool of fishing line, and asks what you think, and you tell him the best way to kill someone with the fishing line, suggest that he’d need more charcoal to hide the smell, or some lime as it’s also quite effective. He then asks why he has a knife, and you answer, “how else are you going to cut the fishing line?”

Merry Christmas!


~ by lamichaud on December 23, 2012.

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