Keyboards and Infidelity

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I finally received and plugged in my new keyboard. It’s a lovely, black Kensington. Already, I can tell the difference between an hour spent typing on this new board and my old one.

My frustration level is pretty much zero, instead of being in the high thirties (out of a hundred). My old board, while not as bad as a mechanical typewriter, had really stiff keys, a few of which took concentrated effort to press. I don’t even have to think about typing on this new one. The best thing is that this keyboard doesn’t intersperse the words I type with strings of repeated nonsense.

It’s a beautiful thing.

The little bit of editing I worked on this morning was a breeze compared to the way it worked before I replaced my old keyboard. It got me feeling a bit frisky, and I cheated on my novel with another story since it felt so nice to type up new material on this lovely new keyboard.

There, I’ve confessed. I worked on a piece of science fiction (about an invasion of aliens with high regenerative abilities) instead of polishing my high fiction novel.

I don’t feel guilty. 😛


~ by lamichaud on January 20, 2013.

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