Neglected, Not Abandoned

DustMeSmallIt’s been a while since I posted here, hasn’t it? About six months actually.  I had to give up my blog for a while because I developed tendinitis in both arms. That was a nightmare.

A lot has happened since February. I’ve learned to manage chronically inflamed tendons. I’ve cut and rewritten 40k words in my novel, and finally written the end. I’ve been to three weddings, and four of my cousins have had babies – one of whom I still need to finish making a blanket for.

I’ve also been job hunting because my nanny job has ended. The kids’ grandparents retired and they want to take over as caregivers. Joblessness leads to stress, stress leads to anguish, and anguish leads to writer’s block. Even Yoda wouldn’t know how to get around this one.

On the plus side, my garden looks amazing. There are cosmos taking everything over, scarlet runner beans, and morning glories climbing the fence, and lots of vegetables thriving in their little sections. The annual race to eat the zucchini faster than the plants can produce them has officially begun.

I’m also really getting into the revision stages of my novel now that the ending works. I’ve rewritten the beginning so many times that it hardly resembles what I started with, but at least I like it now.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on again soon to post a reviews of several books I’ve read recently and to have a little fun talking about writing, revision, reading, and maybe even the MFA program that I’m in.

See you soon!


~ by lamichaud on August 6, 2013.

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  1. Welcome back.

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