When I Left You, I Was but the Learner

Now I am the Master.

A building on campus where I graduated

A building on campus where I graduated

Hi everyone!

I realize it’s been nearly nine months since I wrote my last post here and I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long… there was just something really important I had to do. Well several things really.

First was not dying of pneumonia. I contracted it early in November (2013), not too long after my last post. That put a real damper on my ability to write blog posts.

Second was wrestling with the class work for my graduate degree and coming up on my last semester and the final edits on my thesis.

And guess what! I graduated! I officially have my MFA. Feel free to address me as Master or Magistra if you like. Actually, don’t. I think that would probably get old pretty fast.

It feels oddly significant that it’s been nine months. I did two more drafts of my 120k Epic Fantasy novel in that time. I gave birth to a book. It’s out there, on file at my college, showing that I accomplished my master work.

In a few more days, the first three chapters and synopsis will be out in the world too since I have a couple of requests for it. Exciting, right?!

I’ve been working on the synopsis for a while now and then I’ll polish those chapters as much as I can without wearing holes in them. I’ve also been working on a new project -military science fiction this time – so I’ve been doing lots of research as I write. The learning curve has been pretty steep, but incredibly satisfying.

And in the middle of all this excitement, comes a trip to Europe, a graduation gift from my grandparents. I think this blog is going to temporarily exist as both a writing blog and a travel blog so that I can keep you folks up to date on my grand overseas adventure. Just the thought of this travel is making me feel even more keenly what a small-town girl I am. I mean, I change my own oil for heaven’s sake and I’m, going to be getting on an airplane and crossing an ocean!

My horizons are expanding like crazy all of a sudden and I’m trying not to fall over from the vertigo.

Any advice for the country mouse who’s headed to the Old Country (and by this I mean the one where my grandparents live) soon?

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  1. Drink it all in, make it fodder for the next novel. Have fun!

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